Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Main Break Floods Medical Office in Panama, NE

A water main break on main street caused a big mess in a local medial office.

When your home or commercial property has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. Our experience and scientific approach to water removal and water cleanup enable us to properly dry and restore your property.

Fire Sprinkler Floods Men's Dormitory in Lincoln, NE

Somehow, a frisbee hit a fire sprinkler and created a heavy spray of water in a local men's dorm. 

Water damage affects not only the structure of your home but also your belongings. SERVPRO of Lincoln understands that your home is more than a structure; your family’s furniture, clothing, keepsakes, and other belongings help transform a house into a home.

Lincoln, NE Health Care Facility Water Main Break

SERVPRO of Lincoln was called in to help when a water main broke at a local health care facility. There were several hundred square feet affected. Always here when you need us!

Innovative Drying Techniques Being Used at SERVPRO of Lincoln, NE

We are using an innovative drying technique in attempt to avoid replacement of custom carpet throughout a local hotel. UPDATE - We succeeded! The hotel saved well over $10,000 by not having to replace the carpet.

Local University Dorm in Lincoln, NE Sustains Water Damage

Accidental damage to a fire sprinkler line after hours causing damage to more than 40 rooms. Crews used 2 desiccant dryers to minimize demolition and return residents to their rooms in 8 days.

Injectidry Hardwood Floor Drying System in Lincoln, NE

The Injectidry Hardwood Floor Drying System is the latest and greatest hardwood dryer in the industry. It's used to dry high-risk areas of moisture under hardwood, marble, and tile that regular dehumidifiers just can't quite reach. By exchanging the air in a targeted area with negative pressure, the air movement becomes a vehicle for moisture. When caught in time, this can keep your expensive hardwood and engineered hardwood from warping.