Fire Damage Photo Gallery

How Do You Put Out A Grease Fire?

Do not try to put our a grease fire with water! This is what will happen! If you don't have a fire extinguisher available, cover the fire with a metal lid or baking soda.

Microwave Fire Ruins Cupboard.

The heat from the burning microwave was so hot that it caused the paint on the cupboard to blister. 

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Arson Suspected in Senior Housing Fire in Lincoln, NE

Luckily, everyone escaped unharmed after an arsonist started a fire at a Lincoln senior housing facility. This was the 2nd fire that the same person had started in the area.  He was captured soon after. 

Our crews are on site HEPA Vacuuming the walls, then will follow up with dry sponging before the walls are sealed and painted. They are hard at work making it “Like it never even happened.” If you have fire or smoke damage make sure to call SERVPRO of Lincoln East at 402-466-4004. 

Sporting Good Store in Lincoln Sustains Fire Damage

A well known locally owned sporting good store caught fire after a person lit a fire by the back door in the early morning hours. 

If a fire has damaged your business, call us right away at 402-466-4004. SERVPRO of Lincoln East will treat you with empathy and respect, and your property with care.

Microwave Sparks a Fire In Lincoln Kitchen

A bowl of noodles was put in the microwave for 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes.  The 12 year old completely forgot about it and it burned up and started a very smelly fire.

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Soot Web Caused By Fire In Lincoln, NE Home

After a fire, smoke/soot particles can fill the house. Soot particles are electrically charged and at times chain together in the upper corners (photo on top). There was no cobweb in the corner that the smoke particles attached to. They were electrically attracted to each other and formed a soot web. Many times, the homeowner apologizes to us for the cobwebs in their home but we assure them that this is a soot web and not their housekeeping!